am i getting scammed?


i bought a headset yesterday for cyber monday and it said it was in stock when i bought it. i was charged for it. paid extra for 2 days shipping and now i get an email saying it was cancelled and that i wasnt charged for it. but i was charged minutes after i purchased it. the website still says its in stock and i can add it to my cart to order. what kind of scam is microcenter running here? there is no customer support what so ever. am i going to have to call my bank and mark this as fraud? i thought micro center was a legit company but know im thinking not.


  • ballard

    So i take it there is no way to get an answer from them? This stupid forum is my last ditch effort before i call my bank to mark as fraud and report to the BBB about the scam. But obviously they dont answer here either. what a fucking joke of a company.....

  • Vaganza
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    The forum is monitored by folks during the business day, as this was posted at 7pm, and then again at 4 am, likely no one saw it. I'm sending this on to them to reach out to you through DM if they have not already.

  • AlexS
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    Good morning, @ballard

    We apologize for the delay. It seems that your inquiry was addressed in a recent chat session.

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