New to building PCs, could use suggestions for parts


Hey there, I'd like to get a new pc ,but my knowledge when it comes to choosing parts is lacking. I'd be using this build mostly for gaming (genshin, dmc5, overwatch, cyberpunk, bg3, elden ring Etc) and general internet usage (ie twitter, discord, twitch, youtube etc). My budget is $5000 and I need pretty much everything including an ssd, case, monitor, speakers, windows os, webcam, mouse, and keyboard. Preferably the build would be mostly black with some blue or white accents, rgb is welcome but not necessary. I'd also like at least 2 tb of storage. If possible I'd also like if it could be relatively quiet but I understand if not. Also I have an almost 10 year old asus monitor that I'll probably be using as a backup, so preferably the build would be compatible with it. If anybody could help me out it would be much appreciated


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    Okay so youll be happy to learn that to get a top of the line gaming PC it can be as low as $2000 if u choose a 7900xtx over a 4090. I'd use the microcenter 7800x3d + Mobo+ Ram combo. then I would get the solidigm P41 pro 2tb ssd, and a phantom spirit 120 se for the CPU cooler. I'd get the xfx speedster 7900xtx and a be quiet! pure base 500 fx. finally for the PSU I'd pick a phanteks amp v2. after adding a copy of windows the price of the list is $1877.71. For peripherals I'd recommend the Logitech g502, and keychron c1 keyboard. if you do need a webcam the logitech c505e should do fine if you aren't using it all the time or professionally. with all those parts its about $2060. now for a monitor I would choose an alienware AW3423DWF for $799. all together this puts the entire setup at about $2860. if you want the list could support a 4090 instead but with their increase in price recently I don't recommend it unless you can find one around $1600 or below. here is the entire list. in the case that microcenter doesnt let me put links in comments I can attach it in my build showcase on my profile.

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