PowerSpec B940 max supported memory (why can't it be > 64 GB)


Hi there.

In the Microcenter spec for this computer which I bought a year ago I saw this

```Maximum Memory Supported 64GB```

Why only 64GB? The memory type is DDR5-5600. These days you can get 4 sticks of DDR5 5600 of size 48GB each for a total of 192GB.

Is there some technical limitation on the motherboard or something obscure that prevents an upgrade like this?

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    After looking on the specs page for this motherboard I don't see any reason why this PC shouldn't work with more than 64gb of Ram . directly on the MSI specs page for the PRO Z690-A, it says clearly it supports up to 192gb of ddr5 ram. I'm gonna go with that's most likely just an error on microcenters website. I think it might be referring to using 2 of the same 2 x 16 ram kit that the prebuilt comes with.

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    It can, 64GB (twice the shipping configuration) is just what we actually tested in the lab.

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