New Build Constant Crashing


Hello all,

I have a new build that I put together a few months ago. Here are the specs:



Asrock B650M Riptide

32 GB DDR5-6000

2 TB Samsung 980 Pro

It constantly crashes while playing games since I put it together. COD MW3, Fortnite, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Forza all crash within 45 minutes of playtime. with COD I am getting a DirectX error. See attached image of error. The others just crash to desktop.

Here is what I have tried so far:

-BIOS update

-DDU in safe mode uninstall and reinstall the latest graphics driver.

-Reseat the GPU and checked all cables.

-Verify game files through Steam and Epic.

-Reset BIOS to default settings including turning off XMP, PBO, and Resize bar.

-Monitored temps while in games. In the 80 degree range on GPU and 60 degree range on CPU.

-Clean Windows install.

-Fully updated Windows and all Mobo drivers to newest version.

-Delete and reinstall COD MW3.

-Turn off texture streaming in COD. (this is what the DirectX error I got led to on a Google search).

-Run Fortnite only in DX12 mode.

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