New PC build worked for one week, now can't play games


I did a new PC build about 2 weeks ago now, and the building/setup process went perfectly smooth and I didn't have any issues. Updated BIOS, installed all the latest drivers, and games were running great. Fast forward to a few days ago, I boot up my computer like normal, except now half of my games are unplayable. Fortnite, apex, battlefield, and need for speed all crash a few seconds after launching, before the main menu is even loaded in. CS2 doesn't crash, but constantly has strange audio glitching in both ears making the game pretty unbearable to play. There's also weird visual glitching going on with images/animations in programs and in chrome like on youtube. The CS2 startup screen bugs out but is fine during gameplay. The little animation that plays when you start discord is distorted. Youtube thumbnails have this strange glitchy overlay on them. Pretty much the only game I can play right now like normal is Hunt: Showdown.

I'm just incredibly confused as I made no driver or windows updates in the time between when everything was working and when it started acting up like this. I also didn't touch the BIOS at all during that time. I just woke up to my computer bugging out one day with no explanation.

I'm kind of at my wit's end here. I have tried every conceivable solution that I can think of and find on the internet and nothing has improved my issues at all. Reinstalled all drivers, tried older drivers, factory reset windows, manually set ram voltages, disabled multipane overlay, tried running just one stick of ram. Not one thing has worked for me. At this point I kind of just have to assume it's a hardware issue, but why was it not doing this from the get-go? Why was it working perfectly for a week and now all of a sudden everything is broken? Any possible solutions or fixes is more than welcome.


CPU: Ryzen 7800x3D

GPU: Radeon RX 7900XT

MOBO: MSI Pro B650-p Wifi

RAM: G.skill FlareX5 32gb 6000mhz

(CPU, motherboard and ram were all part of the microcenter bundle)


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