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Well made my first pilgrimage yesterday to Micro Center. During the pandemic I spent a lot of time YouTubing this and YouTubing that. Although I'm sure a lot of you know a way lot more than me, I am very passionate about computers. I spent some time at ITT, until they got shut down. I'm looking to connect with others that are just as passionate about computers such as myself.

I am Bi. By that I mean I like both Mac and PC's ;) I don't think it matters which side you prefer, it's all about the passion for me. Although I own and M1 I have been gravitation to my 2012 Mac Book Pros. I bought it used and whoever sold it to me had encrypted the HDD. I ended up bricking it, but managed to fix it thanks to YouTube. I was then able to get Catalina and put it on my internal 1TB SSD. Anything less is not good enough for me. I also put 16GB of ram in it. I put in a new battery. The only thing I haven't done is changed the thermal paste. I'll be honest. I'm a little intimidated. Working up the courage to do it.

I also fixed the CD cause the guy who sold it to me of course didn't mention it was broken. I still like using the occasional cd now and then.

I loved this computer so much that I bought a second one and put a different OS on that one. I'm planning on removed the cd drive on one and putting another SSD to have an internal time machine. I do have an HP that I considered to be my main, but lately I've been more on my Macs. I feel like it's an addiction for me.

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