Refurbished Phone, Wasn't what it was supposed to be.


Lemme preface that I drive for a living and I don’t live anywhere close to any of your locations.

I was in Dallas for work and had purchased a refurbished iPhone 12 on December 4th. All hunky dory right? It was until I got home anyway. (7hours away)

Upon opening the package the refurb was in, to my dismay there was an old android phone inside.

Ok, vendors make mistakes too, I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal so I went online and started the return process.

I got the online confirmation that my return was approved and I could take it to my nearest microcenter store. Well my trip on December 5th had me close to St Louis so I went there to the Brentwood location. Here’s where my customer experience went south. I explained the situation to the returns desk and they said that they would have to get someone higher up. Without saying it outright I was made to feel like I was trying to be shady and pull a fast one on them. I asked them if you were in my shoes and buying a gift for someone while on a trip, would you trust the store or would you automatically assume that you weren’t getting what you paid for? They understood my implication but were still unwilling to assist me despite the website saying ANY microcenter location.

Look I get it, people suck and I’m sure people try to pull fast ones all the time. But if you can’t take a long time customers word and honor you return process for what is obviously a vendor mistake, change your process to require your employees to open refurbished products on the spot to verify contents. I am now out 350$ until this gets resolved and stuck with a product that isn’t what I purchased. The Dallas branch is supposed to reach out to me but who knows how helpful they will be, the balls in your court, let’s get this amicably resolved in a timely fashion. I did go ahead and purchase another unit and had them verify contents so I could gift it as intended.

But as of now, it's been past the 24 hour time frame quoted by live chat and the Dallas store still has not reached out. I don't know when I will be in Dallas next and frankly if I end up having to eat this, I won't be back and will tell my story everywhere I can think of.


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