Store Location Request

Would like to request or submit a location for a store. Jonesboro, Arkansas. The closest we had was a BestBuy that was destroyed in a tornado and they didn’t rebuild. (Nobody in the center did) They averaged $45million. There are no competitors. 


  • Ian

    We would love to expand to all States one day! That's the dream! Until then we will pass this along to our real estate team!

  • Myron_Rust

    I am located in the Seattle, Washington area, the last (so-called) full size computer store closed a few years ago (Fry's), was located in the city of Renton Washington. Once Fry's shut down, in the Pacific area, there has been no place to go and select and choose any computer components, except for on-line sites (amazon). There is a lot of people HOPING something will be coming to this area.

    I once traveled to visit one of my daughters in Las Angles CA, and I decided to check out the store location in Tustin CA. I was extremely impressed the store, and I am hoping that Micro Center will open a store in this area (Seattle WA).

    Thank you for your time.


  • Tech1

    Would like to request a Micro center close to my location of Warner Robins Georgia and I can give many reasons why it would be a solid location

    1. Technology Training for Military Personnel: A Micro Center can collaborate with the Air Force base to offer technology training programs tailored to the needs of military personnel. This can include courses on cybersecurity, software development, and IT infrastructure management, enhancing the skill sets of service members and supporting their career development.
    2. Partnerships for Defense Innovation: The presence of both a Micro Center and an Air Force base creates opportunities for collaboration and innovation in defense technology. Partnerships between local businesses, academic institutions, and the military can lead to the development of cutting-edge solutions for national security challenges, fostering economic growth and technological advancement in the region.
    3. Community Engagement and Support: Establishing connections between the Air Force base and the local community through initiatives hosted at the Micro Center, such as technology workshops, job fairs, and charity events, can strengthen ties and demonstrate support for military personnel and their families. This sense of community involvement can contribute to a positive living environment for all residents.
    4. Diversification of Economy: Leveraging the presence of both the Air Force base and a Micro Center diversifies the local economy, reducing dependence on any single industry. This resilience can help mitigate economic downturns and position the town for long-term stability and growth.

    Support for Military Personnel and Families: With an Air Force base in the vicinity, a Micro Center can cater to the unique needs of military personnel and their families. Providing access to technology products, repair services, and specialized equipment can make the transition and daily life for military families smoother and more convenient.IBy integrating the presence of an Air Force base into the rationale for building a Micro Center in your town, you not only enhance the benefits for residents and businesses but also underscore the strategic importance of such an establishment in supporting military personnel and fostering innovation in defense technology

    5.Increased Employment Opportunities: The establishment of a Micro Center would create numerous job opportunities for local residents, ranging from retail positions to managerial roles. This could help reduce unemployment rates and boost the local economy.

    6.Convenience for Tech Enthusiasts: Having a Micro Center in town would provide tech enthusiasts with a convenient location to purchase a wide range of electronics, computer components, and gadgets. This eliminates the need for residents to travel long distances to access such products.

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