Can I get a refund on a store-bought custom build and peripherals 8 months in?


To start off, I had purchased a build that cost a little over $4000 that I have thrown together with a Micro Center employee. I've attached a DxDiag file to this to go over all the components. Initially, I had issues running games built off Unreal Engine- they'd crash a bunch but I did my own fixes by disabling and enabling this and that. I also had an issue with audio cutting out that led to me requiring restarts sometimes but nonetheless, I continued over the months to use this PC because these issues had seemed to have died down apart from the audio one which was still easily fixed with just a restart. Two-three months ago, a new issue popped up: every time I tried to play certain games, my entire computer would start messing up- I had massive stuttering at consistent times, my audio would start breaking, my computer would sometimes crash or bluescreen 5-15 minutes after launching them so I took it back to Micro Center due to it being insured. I have spent over a month going back and forth with Micro Center's technicians, my first issue being the amount of time it took for my repair to even start. At first, a few errors apparently popped up with the GPU after I was told that the GPU was completely fine by one employee, then the ram was "too hot" off start-up, so those were replaced. I returned home, tested my computer- issue was still there if not temporarily worse. I returned to Micro Center and told techs that I had a recording of the issue still being present and told them things such as "high intensity renders don't cause this", "opening programs which display statistics causes a similar issue off launch", "attempting to use the headphone port in my Wave XLR results in videos not working and audio breaking", "I've re-installed all my drivers and Windows multiple times", "CPU spikes from 15% to 30% or 50% and GPU drops from 90% to 30% even while in the main menu and on minimum graphics", "CPU-Z, when loading over PCI, has a similar stutter", "I've ran the games after factory resetting my PC and the issue still persists even without unnecessary peripherals and software", "all my peripherals work fine on my friend's PC". They replaced my motherboard and refused to replace my CPU claiming no errors popped up. I returned home, issue was still there and I, at this point, offered that if I could prove the issue was with the CPU, then I'd like a refund but would be willing to pay for it and labor- thankfully yet oddly, an error popped up and it was replaced. The issues still persist.

The only thing that has not been replaced is the case and NVMe SSDs. The issues still persist. Nothing has been fixed. I had heard something along the lines of my components being incompatible from a different employee when I, in good faith, was with a friend after telling them they should buy their build from Micro Center and feel like the service I've had overall has been completely lacking. If anything, I feel like even my headset is somehow damaged cause of this as audio now has a peculiar static at times though I did not buy it from Micro Center so I doubt I could be re-imbursed for that.


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