How to get a product removed from Microcenter's shelves?


I purchased a TwoTrees TTC450 CNC machine at Microcenter back in October 18, 2023. Today is Dec. 11, 2023, and because of defective hardware from TwoTrees, I still have not used my TTC450 ONCE. They started this fiasco when I had a problem with the power supply for the spindle motor. Instead of simply recognizing that they had a faulty unit (others have had the same issue) and direct-shipping me a replacement immediately, they asked to to DISASSEMBLE THE POWER SUPPLY (!), asked me to JUMPER WIRES IN THE POWER SUPPLY (!), asked me to TAKE VIDEOS OF THIS ENTIRE PROCEDURE (!), and then decided to send me PARTS TO FIX MY BRAND NEW POWER SUPPLY (!). So then after the part they supposedly sent me sitting...somewhere...and getting lost, apparently...and after me berating them and being like, wtf? Then they finally (FINALLY) agreed to send me a new power supply and that I'd be given a tracking number when it shipped. That was on Dec. 5. I sent them an email asking "where is my power supply?" Today at 12:48 AM I got a message "Sorry,sir our sales told me Power won't be available until Wednesday of this week. (Because we need to purchase the power supply separately from the supplier) that is why it takes so long."

So that's where I am NOW. Waiting till WEDNESDAY when HOPEFULLY they might order my power supply from THEIR supplier. How long will it take to get to me? Another week? Another 2 weeks? Who knows.

My question is this: What process must be undertake to get a product removed from Microcenter's shelves? Quite clearly, this brand not only has no customer service to speak of, they don't even know what that is. It is obviously not a brand that meshes well with Microcenter's outstanding service at all. I would like to see this company and their products not carried anymore at Microcenter's stores or on their website. They should be pulled and a review done on the brand. I would hate to think others would have to suffer through a months long trial of trying to get their defective equipment repaired or replaced, or heaven forbid someone get shocked or electrocuted trying to service high voltage equipment at the behest of TwoTrees. That could lead to a lawsuit. Something I guarantee Microcenter doesn't want.

I would gladly provide every single "back and forth" email between me and this "company" if so requested, including time and date stamps. GLADLY would I provide them. Please, get these off your shelves. What steps must I take to help this process get started?


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    While I do appreciate the issues you have had to deal with, trust me, as an integrator, I have dealt with this sort of thing on a regular basis. But the thing is, there are folks out there that would still not mind dealing with this sort of thing, I know this isn't unusual for 3d printing as well. There are several products that offer little to no support but and for that reason they are lower cost with the assumption that those buying it are fairly advanced users, products like Ubiquity. Hopefully you are able to get the assistance you need, though

  • Yeah, the problem with offering little or no support is this is something that should be mentioned at the TIME OF PURCHASE. This is the most basic concept of contract law - FULL DISCLOSURE. And frankly, the level of expertise shouldn't matter when it comes to brand new products which are defective from the factory. If I was an ASE certified master technician working for Ford, if the brand new Ford I just ordered decided it simply didn't want to run, I wouldn't accept Ford telling me to "pull the heads off" or "maybe try removing the crank". The level of expertise is of zero relevance as it pertains to brand new merchandise which is defective. And when there is to be no support from a company, this is something which should be first negotiated at the time the contracts are drawn up for product distributorship between the retailer and the manufacturer, and which should then be passed onto the consumer at the time of purchase in the form of a "The manufacturer of this product offers little or no service if it proves to be defective" disclaimer.

    I wonder exactly how that would affect sales, were one to disclose that. And here we have the reason why it isn't.

  • Ian


    I am sorry to hear of the issues with the purchase, I can understand the frustration of something not working and then not getting a great response time from the manufacturer. I would like to collect your purchase information to see if there is anything we can look into on our end for this, I will be sending you an email to get that.

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