How do I file a complaint? Employee Broke My Part


Hey, I was at MicroCenter in Tustin CA last week and an employee broke my m.2 while I was the.

I just built my PC and had problems with my PC, it turns out my MOBO was dysfunctional, so I bought a new one and had the guy install it for me after I paid for diagnostics and a new motherboard. While he was building it I heard a loud sound that came from his direction, and sounded like a snap. The worker looked up frantically to see if I or anyone else was looking. Several minutes go by and he comes up to me and asks where my m.2 is. I told him it should be right there, but it wasn't. After, he kept on telling me it was probably at my house and it probably fell out when I "was frustrated that my PC wasn't working". I never touched my m.2 after putting it in, and it couldn't have fallen out, because it is SCREWED in.

It is disgusting that he lied to my face and didn't own up to his actions. I am a 17-year-old who saved up to buy a new PC, it's disgusting this older man tried to deceive a kid to hide from his actions.

I went the next day and had to buy a new one, and complained to the store, and they couldn't do anything.

Can't believe I can't get a refund, and this worker got away from what he did.


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