when is micro center gonna have 4080 or 4090 in stock again

AndrewBargone ✭✭
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does anyone know when micro center going to have 4080 or 4090 gpus in stock at the madison heights mi location because im trying to build my next highend gaming pc build very soon fyi my build part list if anyone wants to build the same pc as me at https://www.microcenter.com/site/content/custom-pc-builder.aspx?load=34221558-7a09-43ef-8045-3b7770276d95


  • Ian


    Unfortunately, as our Community forum would not be for a specific store, we do not have an ETA on when we will restock these items at a specific location. We recommend bookmarking the product page and keeping an eye on the stock levels!

  • Haz
    Haz ✭✭
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    I would wait until the RTX 4000 Super comes out. From what I’ve heard they may offer better value for the money. Also it could be possible that the RTX 4080 could be getting a price cut down to $900.

    I believe they will come within a couple weeks

    RTX 4070 super 12GB (Performs close to vanilla RTX 4070TI) comes out on Jan 17th

    RTX 4070TI super 16GB (performs close or little faster to the vanilla RTX 4080) comes out on Jan 27th (This would be the one I would go for if you need a GPU soon)

    RTX 4080 super 16GB (only 5% faster than the vanilla RTx 4080) comes out on Jan 31st

    I wouldn’t hold high hopes for the RTX 4090 as Nivdia reduced production on it to make a quick buck on their AI. 

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