Certified Refurbished Mac Product - Warranty Not Valid, No Applecare+ Option

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I was recently sold a "Certified Apple Refurbished" MacBook Pro in store at microcenter. The sales associate told me that these are "just as good as new" and "straight from apple." I was also told " It comes with the standard 1 year factory warranty and I could choose to add AppleCare+ or The Microcenter version extended warranty protection as well. I would have 60 days from purchase to add apple care+ or anytime within the return window to add Microcenter Plan. "I declined both until I had a chance to review the pro's/con's of each plan.

My receipt shows 1 year warranty.

The box was factory sealed, and embossed on the front " Apple Certified Refurbished" .

Set up the machine and saw that the 1 year warranty listed in the settings, only had about 4 months left and that AppleCare+ was not available due to expiring period. I called apple and they said, and I quote.

"While Microcenter may be an authorized reseller of our new products, this refurbished machine was not sold to microcenter for resale, therefore is not eligible for the 1 year warranty or Applecare+." I gave them the story of my in store experience, uploaded my reciept and got the same response......

What are my options here? This has pretty much ruined X-mas, I feel like I was misled by both the web-listing & and the sales associate. Now I have no way to get a comparable product that is actually under warranty unless I spend another +400 on a "new" product.


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