keep older cpu in main pc, or put my 2nd computers new one in?

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so i have 2 pc's, one is a rtx 3080 paired with a i9-12900k, the computer im upgrading will have a 4060ti(i know its not the most valiant of the 40 series but i got an amazing deal) paired with a i7-14700k, but somethings been scratching the back of my mind, wouldn't it make more sense to put the 14th series into my main computer and put the 12th series into my 2nd pc? i wanna hear yalls opinions!


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    I would pair the 14700K with the RTX 3080. It's overall superior. Same P-Core count, more E-Cores so a higher overall core count. 20/28 versus the 12900K's 16/24. Higher base block, higher boost clock. More L2/L3 cache. Significantly improved power management on the 14th gen will go further to improve the advantage with turbo boost.

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    In the tech world, the choice between the i7-14700k and the i9-12900k CPUs for your main computer depends on your specific needs and usage. PowerSpec_MikeW's suggestion to pair the i7-14700k with the RTX 3080 in the main computer is based on its higher core count, higher base and boost clock, more L2/L3 cache, and improved power management. 

    Benchmark comparisons confirm that the i7-14700k does have a higher core count (20 cores vs 16 cores) and thread count (28 threads vs 24 threads)[1][8]. It also has a higher base clock and boost clock, more L2/L3 cache, and improved power management[8]. These factors could potentially lead to better performance, especially in multi-threaded tasks.

    However, the i9-12900k has a faster effective speed, lower memory latency, and faster single-core, dual-core, quad-core, and octa-core speeds[1]. This could potentially lead to better performance in tasks that are more dependent on single-core speed, such as certain games.

    In terms of GPU performance, the RTX 3080 performs well with both the i9-12900k and the i7-14700k[2][3]. However, specific FPS benchmarks for the i7-14700k paired with the RTX 3080 were not found in the search results, so it's difficult to make a direct comparison.

    In my opinion, while the i7-14700k does have some advantages over the i9-12900k, such as a higher core and thread count, it's not clear cut that it would provide a significant performance boost when paired with the RTX 3080. The decision should also take into account the specific tasks the main computer will be used for. If the main computer is used for tasks that can take advantage of the higher core and thread count of the i7-14700k, then it might be beneficial to make the switch. However, if the main computer is used for tasks that benefit more from the faster single-core speed of the i9-12900k, then it might be better to keep the i9-12900k in the main computer.

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