PowerColor Red Devil 7900XTX 24GB locks up randomly during gameplay and media playback.


Good evening all,

I replied to another thread from August where one of the MicroCenter support staff, TSKevinG, replied to another customer, anthony13, who reported having the same issue I am now, and am posting here as well for greater visibility.

I purchased the GPU from MicroCenter Dallas at the end of June 2023, and have begun experiencing lockup/overheating issues - where my GPU sensors are showing a 30-50C delta between the overall GPU temperature and the GPU hotspot temperature.

This manifests itself as random glitching while playing games (e.g. Starfield while playing at any screen resolution) and even during less GPU intensive usage such as watching youtube videos or playing media files, although the latter 2 media playback lockups occur far less frequently than the gaming lockups.

Video playback will stutter, then it will simply freeze while the audio continues to play, and input from the mouse and keyboard are disabled or ignored. The only way to clear it is a hard reset via the reset button on the case, or power cycling the PC.

As I recall, this was an open box item, and I don't believe I opted for the 2 year plan. What are my options from here? I'd be happy with a new-in-box replacement of the GPU or whatever it's equivalent is now if the Red Devil 7900XTX 24GB is no longer in production. Overall, when it works properly, I'm satisfied with the performance of the GPU, other than the lockup problem that has manifested.

Based on what I've been able to find via searching online, the GPU I have appears to be one of the batches of early 7900XTXs that have a known issue where the thermal paste compound between the GPU and the heatsink assembly was applied improperly, resulting in reduced cooling performance and intermittent lockups during use due to the overheat protection mechanisms of the GPU.


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