Ender 3d -s1

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Can someone please help me and answer a couple of questions. Technical support at Creality is a joke. I am trying to do my first print. I just bought my Ender the day after Christmas at the Marietta GA store. I have tried everything to get it to print and it just prints strings all over the place. TS suggested to raise nozzle temp to 210 c which I did and bed temp from 50c to 75c which I did. I even reloaded the G-code files to make sure there was no corruption. They suggested I level the bed. I ran the bed leveling program 3 times. No issues found that I can see. TS said it was the filament. I told them it was what was sent with the printer. I did buy another roll to use too. I have tried to print the included sample/demo pieces and all and all I get is a small base then string all over the place from front to back and in behind the printer. This is getting ridiculous. I have been reading over the user manuals and all and I have no clue what is going on to cause this. I am printing off the SD card that came with the printer. I even downloaded the newest software and used it with no help. ANY IDEAS from anyone? Like I said their TS is kind of a joke. It is repetitive suggestions over and over. Thanks Michael


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