Service/Diagnostic Queue Times

Please institute some kind of queue time policy when it comes to the PC diagnostic/repair process, focusing on visibility. Customers should be able to at least get some kind of rough estimate as to when a PC would get looked at. I took my computer in for service two weeks ago, and its yet to even be reviewed by a technician. If I knew it would take this long I would have saved myself the trouble and gone else where. There is seemingly no accountability on this, and I'm losing faith in Microcenter as a buisness. I had to go in and talk to support directly just to be told they have no estimate but that I'm "towards the front of the queue". That was a week ago. Kinda crazy. 


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    I do apologize to hear of delays with repairs! From what I can see here you have been in contact with us already today via other support channels on our website and looks like the store has reached out to you with more information and updates about your service request.

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