Does microcenter allow us to order store pick up when new gpus drop?

I’m sorry, this might sound like a dumb question. I recently built a gaming pc, and well you guessed it I drove up to the Fairfax location. I do live about 3.5 hours away but that didn’t stop me. The only issue is, I see the 40 super series are dropping this month. I’d love to grab one on my microcenter credit card, but I’m not sure I can be there when the store opens, yet I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity. I guess I’m hoping if anybody has any experience getting a gpu on a launch day from microcenter, even better if it was from purchasing online and picking up in the store


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    When these cards come in stock, they will be displayed on our website. To check stock and pricing directly on the product page, select your local Micro Center at the top of the page on and you can view their stock. Store stock is updated regularly during business hours online. (At the time of this posting, most if not all stores still have 4070 Supers in stock a few hours after opening)

    Typically, we do not accept reservations for a new product, when they do become available for reservations on our website, that would be reflected directly on the main Micro Center site.

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