Overall Hype Level for New RTX 4O series SUPER GPUs?

Wondering how sought after the new RTX 40 series SUPER GPUs are. Of course it's been a while since the drought of cards. Plus most people who've purchased new GPUs have already got their og RTX 40s and RX 7000s. Seems the majority are waiting on the new GPUs coming out towards the end of 2024. There's a lot of 4070 SUPERs in stock but more people are definitely trending towards the either the 4070ti or 4080 SUPER.

For those who picked up a 4070 SUPER, were there any significant lines before opening? Also the varieties seem limited. Is that due to them having not been released yet, different retailers not carrying as wide ranges of cards, or certain cards being more highly sought after/being sold out.

Mainly wondering whether I have to get their earlier on launch day to get my choice of card for either card.
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