Issue with Microcenter Return Denial


I came into the Brentwood Microcenter store this morning in order to exchange a STRIX 4070ti that I bought less than two weeks ago for a STRIX 4070ti super that had just came out. 

They looked over the GPU and found that there was a missing sticker that was claimed to be a tamper proof sticker over one of the screws. I have no recollection of this being there in the first place but they said that they would take it back and test it but that it should be fine. 

The service manager comes out and states that the sticker having been removed voids the warranty and that they were going to keep testing but he may not be able to complete the return. They spent an hour testing my GPU and decided to deny the return based on the missing sticker. They showed me a example of the sticker via a TUF card that they had open box and there was no marking or anything on the sticker stating that it "Voids" warranty or anything of the sort. Just a little white sticker with a red circle, that the service manager says "everyone should know what It means" and that "If you feel like the sticker wasn't there when you bought it there is nothing I can do, you'll have to reach out to ASUS."

This is all despite the fact that tamper stickers don't hold any weight in the US and the company cannot void warranty claims based on that but I digress. 

The whole thing left a sour taste in my mouth because why would they test the card for an hour if they were just going to deny the return anyways? That's honestly the part that frustrates me the most, because they presumably did some sort of unnecessary stress test on the GPU that they didn't need to if they were just going to deny it.

I have always supported microcenter but this has been a very disappointing experience all around.



  • BabiesRTasty

    Basically the question is what can I do from here? Is there a customer support email or number I can reach out to or is it basically a lost cause with a denial no matter what?

    I read through the warranty and it says nothing about the sticker anywhere in that warranty.

  • Ian
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    I do apologize for the delay in reply! I will be sending you an email to collect your purchase information so the proper teams can look into this further!

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