Possibly planning on building a PC for the first time (Need help with parts)


I was looking at the Powerspec g515 and it was $950 when i was originally looking at it. Since then it's gone up by $100 and i was already thinking about building one but now after the price change i think it might be worth it to finally bite the bullet and build one. Not knowing much about parts i used the PC builder and put together what seemed to me to be as close as possible to the Powerspec. it's $804 which blew my mind at how much less this build was! i'm 99.9% sure that i've probably missed something or choose something that could be improved. Like i said this is still all pretty confusing because i have no idea what i'm looking for when it comes to the motherboard and CPU upon other things. I always hear people online talking about how "this GPU is better than this GPU for only a little more or even less than this GPU" and i just wanna know what is the best build i can get for $1000 or under. i would like to get the most performance out of it as possible. It will be used for light and some heavy gaming like VR. I just wanna know that i'm making the right choice when it comes to parts if i do go this route. (i don't have a link to the build because micro center says my account is too new)


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