GPU Warranty Scam/ Lied to?


I just got a 4080 Super yesterday and the check out told me that if I got the 2-year warranty for $140 than I could return that GPU at any time within the two years for any reason (including if I just want to upgrade) and get a gift card of the same value to get a newer one in case I wanted to upgrade. Being someone who likes to upgrade every other year I thought this was a no-brainer. Now that I am looking online (mainly Reddit) I see others being told the same thing then when they bring it back to use the warranty they are told they need to be tested to make sure they are broken and cannot just use the warranty on something that is working to upgrade. Does anyone have any experience with this? Am I able to cancel my warranty after I already bought it if this is the case?


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    Our Warranties/Protection Plans are meant to ensure we can take care of you in the event of hardware failure, not for the purposes of upgrading. This goes with any item covered under our Protection Plan.

    Our protection plans can be returned for their full value within the item's standard return period if you so desire. That being said, they do have good value as issues with GPUs aren't entirely uncommon and they allow you to work with us as opposed to going through the lengthy RMA process.

    If there was a miscommunication or another issue we will get it resolved. I've already reached out to some other folks to look into the concern. They may want to follow up with you, so keep an eye out.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or comments.


  • Katjinx82
    I was told the exact same thing. “Upgrade it if you get bored. Accidentally drop it. Does on you, we just swap it out or give you a gift card and you pick something else out. I used it before on an Asus formula z motherboard that died. Instead of swapping it, the service lady gave me a gift card for the “bundled price” I paid, instead of swapping it, because that was faster I guess. Like jumping through hoops to explain to her I wasn’t paying the difference for the same thing. Also was only good for that one swap and I had to buy the warranty again if I wanted to use it later, which was some BS. Currently having intermittent issues with a 3080ti. Went in today to get a copy of my receipt I lost for the email process and had them verify because I couldn’t remember if I got the warranty for sure, which I did. They hooked it up and ran a bench test for 20 min and it worked fine, again intermittent issues.. told me there was nothing they could do because it was working. Had them show me the warranty info, which also states it only protects against manufacturers defects unlike what ive been told countless times by their sales team about multiple products. We will see if it dies by the end of the month and if not I’ll have to go through the whole rma process :-/ Complete waste of $140 and I’ll pass on any of them in the future. Cheaper to pay for expedited shipping to get it back faster from the manufacturer. 
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    I think you guys are confusing them with Walfart or WorstBuy. Maybe hit it with a hammer a few times and tell them it's defective (I'm joking, don't actually do this.)

    IMO all warranties are a scam in general, as is insurance (unless it's something like a house or a car that you couldn't afford to replace out of pocket.) When they ask me if I want one I feel as though they're asking me if I want to put that money directly into a bonfire. It's best to just save that money and put it toward a newer card later, and if anything goes wrong in the meantime RMA it back to the manufacturer.

    No one is in the business of giving out free upgrades because then they can't make any money on it.

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