Need Help For Part Selection On a New PC For My Brother


My younger brother has recently gone off to college and I have been wanting to build a PC for him to do his work on and to game with. Ive racked my brain for hours on PC part picker trying to spec out something for him to be able to play on at high refresh rates but while also not breaking the bank, although I love my lil bro I am not willing to go into financial ruin just for him to play games at a decent frame rate. I thought I would consult the lovely folks on this forum to help me with my predicament.


-The PC MUST be on the AM5 socket as I recently finished a build of my own on the platform and plan on passing down my parts to him as I (hopefully) get upgrades in the future as AMD releases new processors.

-Budget is around 1000 USD but can go slightly over as my brother has agreed to foot the bill on one or more parts (his own budget in this part is about 200 USD give or take).

-Must have at least 1TB of storage with DRAM as I don't wish for him to complain about any issues that may arise from his drive lacking DRAM.

-GPU Must have at the very least 10GB of VRAM for the sake of future proofing in anticipation of newer titles eating up the stuff.

-Case cannot be over 50L in size, my brother doesn't have a whole ton of space to store a hulking tower.

-No used parts.


-Budget can include peripherals but isn't a must

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