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Hi All,

I have never built a PC in my life, but I really like the idea of making it a project rather than spending more on a prebuilt. Just as a background the last time I had a gaming desktop the GPU was a GTX 670. When that died I got a gaming laptop to keep me going (ASUS Strix w RTX 2070), so it would for sure be an upgrade for me. I have recently purchased a 1440p ultrawide monitor (AW3423DWF) and have based my build around this and the games that I play most often. I play CS2 and PUBG with friends, I also like RDR2, Baldurs gate, and will most likely buy more AAA titles as they come on sale later in the year

Please let me know what you kind people think of what I have picked out and let me know any suggestions/anything missing or not compatible. My budget is around 2000 USD without going too much over


  • warmlawns

    this part list seems very good to me however are you absolutely sure you need rgb components? they can easily drive up costs and can be a headache when trying to connect both the fan and rgb connectors to your board which as a recent first time builder myself was already a bit stressful even when i opted for non rgb fans. other than that there isnt anything wrong with this list. also as a last suggestion you may want to opt for a 1000 watt psu as some nvidia gpus have been known to have occasional power spikes which can be an issue with higher end cards like the 4070ti you listed

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