How to find the right case for a circuit board?


I hope to use a DX-CP12 Bluetooth to RS232 Wireless Adapter to allow an iPad, which does not support serial data communication through its USB-C port, to communicate with an amateur radio that can provide serial control data using either a USB-A or RS232 cable. The DX-CP12 uses the Bluetooth LE ("Low Energy") spec, which iPads do support. Amateur radio control software is available on iPads and has been used successfully to wirelessly control a radio using an Adafruit Bluefruit LE UART Friend board, a Bluetooth LE device. That is essentially what I hope to do using the DX-CP12 device.

I'm new at this, and I need to find out how to find a case in which the DX-CP12 board and a battery can be mounted. The attached PDF file documents the DX-CP12 and lists the dimensions of the board as 62.5mm X 32mm, and the mounting hole spacing as 43.5mm X 25mm (page 5, Figure 2 "CP12 Product size chart"). How do I go about locating a suitable case for this project?

Thank you!


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