It would be great if there was a Microcenter somewhere in the western NY area.


I wish Buffalo had more tech stores. Around here it is hard to go to a store to buy good PC parts. I know me and Sara aren't the only people who want a Microcenter in the Buffalo area.

I am trying to build a new PC and there is kinda no store in Buffalo that carries the high-end graphics cards brand new. You would have to get it off Amazon, or Newegg, which would come with shipping, and if something happens to the card while it's being shipped, then that a big problem. If people in Buffalo want high-end PC parts then we have to rely on Facebook marketplace, and almost everything is already used

And also I hate having to pay extra for shipping all the time. I just would like to go to a store near my home and be able to shop for PC parts or look around at stuff.

I am honestly very surprised that Buffalo doesn't have a big tech store. Buffalo isn't just a little small town after all, it's a city! I'm sure people would appreciate a Microcenter in Buffalo because a lot more people are getting into that stuff now.


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