I need help with my case fans.


I bought this case when I built my first PC. Every time I turn on the PC, the fans and the RGB turn on, but every few seconds the color blinks off and turns right back on a second later. I have a GIGABYTE motherboard and there are only 3 fan ports, the CUP fan, and 2 other fan ports and they are all taken up with my case fans. I don't know why I can't change the color of the fans when I'm in RGB Fusion!! Like they are not popping up on the RGB Fusion menu. Also, my motherboard box says it can control RGB so?? Idk what's wrong. :(

Also where it says LED and Digital LED, there are no ports for that on the motherboard. I Have no clue if it's just the motherboard or the fans just can't change color!?

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