Why aren't the Lists and Shopping Carts persisted Server-side?


When planning a build and/or purchase I want to see my saved items regardless of whether I'm on my main desktop, laptop, or phone. The fact that the shopping cart and lists are only saved with the browser client really reduces their usefulness. For example I have all the parts for a build in my shopping cart but am not ready to confirm for pickup. A few days later I'm in the vicinity of MC and go to check out via my phone but of course my cart is empty because MC doesn't save the contents with the user profile. It's features like this that make shopping with Amazon so frictionless and when it's not available elsewhere (like with MC) it's an annoyance that really translates into lost revenue.


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    I'll pass that over to our website team to see if that is something that can be implemented, also you can send feedback like this directly to them by selecting "Website Feedback" on the right side of the specific page you're looking at on www.microcenter.com - see example:

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