PG32UCDM Stock and Status, "Sold Out" vs. "0 New In Stock"


I have been tracking the stock of the PG32UCDM multiple times every day since a few days ago (which just got released a few days ago). For the past few days, the availability of it has been "Sold Out" on the website (the product page is accessible through the search bar). This morning I checked, it has become "0 New In Stock" for all stores (product page not accessible through the search bar, only through direct-searching through browsers). What does this mean (what's the difference between "sold out" and "0 new in stock")? I went to the store and was told they didn't get any units.

When will there be a restock/ more availability of it (PG32UCDM) at Micro Centers? Do MCs restock them regularly, or only had a few units at the beginning of the release?


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    Hi Gavin,

    According to the system we still stock that monitor and should be receiving regular shipments of it at our stores. Our new stock does not show up on the website as soon as it comes in. I recommend going to your nearest Micro Center and talking to one of the sales people in that department and ask them to put one on hold for you and contact you when they get it in.

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