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Good afternoon everyone. I am looking to upgrade my existing PC 3 to the latest technology.

MY mother board is the Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 R2 Rev.1. So as you can see it is a bit outdated. I like the case I have so I am interested in upgrading the motherboard, processor and ram.

I have been browsing the bundles but there are so many variances that I get lost in all of them. I am thinking the Ryzen 7700 series.

My case is a micro atx so I am thinking either a Gigabyte B650 or ASUS B650 Prime.

I am not into gaming but I do some cad rendering and also use it for work in general. I also do a lot of research and I find that browsing is not that fast.

Any thoughts?

I really need to go to Microcenter and talk with a tech.

Thanks in advance!

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    A 7000 series on either B650 would be a tremendous upgrade.

    None of the bundles are mATX sized, they are all full size ATX.

    Notice only some of the 7000 and 8000 CPUs come with a stock cooler. So depending which one, you may need a third party cooler.

    Your old system will be using SATA type hard drives or SSD. The new motherboard will take NVME type SSD in the m.2 format. These are blazing fast compared to the SATA ones. You can still reuse the SATA type in a new system, but you'll be happier if you get a new m.2 at least to install the operating system.


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