Upgrade or New Build?!


Attached are my current build specs (and on my profile). Intel I7 Build - Picture below.

I would like to know if it is worth upgrading now and waiting for a newer/more powerful GPU in the future to come out OR to give this to my girl and just build a new PC for me from scratch. Would you recommend that i keep my PC and upgrade my GPU or build a new PC outright? Here is what I'm currently looking at building: (AMD Build Picture Below) running it with a SAMSUNG 27" Odyssey G7 Series WQHD that is in the mail now.

I'm newer to building PCs. If you have any non bias suggestions or guidence, please share. I am looking to make this PC look really good in addition to performance. I'm aware there are some more budget friendly options, but I do want every part to look cool/unique. I also wouldn't mind a little white accenting in the case. I'm thinking of going with a white motherboard and white fan blades at least. This will be primarily in a dark room as pictured below.

My girl wants to try PC gaming, but idk if she'll play it a lot. She casually plays single player xbox games throughout the week. At best, she can take my current PC. Looking at around 3.5K for the PC alone.


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    Hi, I would recommend building a new computer. Your CPU is 4 generations older than current and you would bottle neck current GPUs more than you would probably want.

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