What's wrong with my pc?

So for my birthday I got a RX 7600 and a new 600w gold psu, I think I had issues I don't remember what exactly this problem was but it might have been the same as the one I have now, fast forward to January or February and I was researching a new CPU and I got a Ryzen 5 3600x because the psu calculators said it would be compatible, but the problem is that the screen would freeze and i would restart my pc and the driver failed so I'm pretty sure it's a power failure of some kind but I don't know a final solution to this but the only way to fix it was to unplug my psu connection to my gpu and plug it back in. Either way, it doesn't happen very often, like only really during resource hog games and vr, but I really care about vr, so it would be great if I could get a final solution.


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