Intel Core i9-14900KS Launch today


Hello, today was the launch of Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU, I checked Denver store online at 3:00AM and you had 10 14KS chips in stock, the store opens at 10:00AM.

Colorado is having a snow storm, I live 60-miles from the Denver store,.. I drove from Woodland Park CO. to the Denver Store, and was in the parking lot waiting at 10:00AM, the store never opened.

I waited in the parking lot till 11:30AM, store never opened. I checked Denver store online at 11:30AM before leaving, and store says SOLD OUT, Temporarily Closed.

How did the 10-In Stock i9-14900KS CPU sell out, the store never opened, you can not buy online, must buy at the counter inside store. And you can not reserve, or use 18-min pickup with the store closed.

This is very upsetting, I drove over 120 miles in a snowstorm, and your store never opened, all 10 CPUs are listed as sold out. 😒

Denver store 3:02AM.

Denver store 11:24AM.

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