Really wish we can get more Micro Center locations in Texas (i.e, Austin, Lubbock, El Paso)

I love Texas, it's been my home for my whole life. I also want to go to a Micro Center someday here in Lubbock.

But I feel like sometimes it's very very fustrating when New York has like 5 different locations for the same city when here in Texas we don't even have one here in Austin, the silicon capital of Texas.

I really think we need more stores in the state of Texas, considering people are moving here all the way from California and we are on track to become the #1 populated state of the U.S, it's only fair we can have a bit more stores.

Definitely one here in Austin, maybe El Paso since they have over 8 hours away from the closet Micro Center, and possibly one here in Lubbock? (Wink wink nudge nudge?)


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