Stuttering every few seconds when playing games.


Below are my computer specs. I'm also running 12 D30 Phanteks phans in a NV7 full tower. Temps are well below concern with high end settings when I'm gaming.

GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX 4080 Super OC with the most up to date drivers.

All drivers have been verified and up to date.

Ram is running 6200, currently.

Game is shuddering in every game I've tried playing today. Just started happening. BG3, Overwatch, Helldivers 2, ect. Frames can be dodgy depending on the game, but after asking tec people, discord, and other pc help places they have all said that my setup it should not be happening, they don't know why that would be happening and that it might be a bad CPU or motherboard. I'm new to PC building. This is my second PC. I also just want to play many style games at high frames and no issues, 1440 27". I didn't think it was hard and if I went with high end stuff, i would avoid all of this. Would someone be able to help me or recommend a place I can get some remote help from. I'm not close to a MC right now.


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