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Hey Guys, i bring my Custom Build Pc to my local Microcenter today for inspection because it won't show any display, when i got there i go inside and went to knowledge bar straight away and the sales representative ask me what's wrong with it i told him its not showing any display, then he made a quick inspection of my pc, and ask for the Motherboard serial # and i gave it to him (i take a picture of my Motherboard box in case they need info) after i gave him the serial # of my Motherboard i told him that i bought the Motherboard and CPU from them, so my question is why i got charged for $40 Diagnostic Fee? My Motherboard should still be on Manufacturer warranty if they think there is something wrong with my Motherboard, so the diagnostic should be free, right?


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    The Manufacturer Warranty is coverage by the Manufacturer of the motherboard. If you would like to use your Manufacturer's Warranty, you should contact the Manufacturer (Such as MSI, ASUS, ASROCK or GIGABYTE) of the Motherboard. They will likely have you ship them the motherboard for Diagnosis. The service department is a separate 3rd party and charge a Diagnostic Fee if you would like outside support.

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    I know this is old, but more to the point, you may have gotten the motherboard from them, but you built it. If you did something wrong, that's on you. If the board is faulty then that's on the manufacturer. Either way it still takes time for the techs to figure it out and that's what the fee is for.

    Now if it were me and it was something really simple I wouldn't charge for that, but I don't work for them and their policy may be $40 just for setting it on the bench.

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