Help needed for deciding what's best for a Multitasking Machine


I've been wanting to build a pc for a while but I'm not quite sure which parts are necessary for what I'll be using it for.

I'm planning on doing some heavy multitasking like having several browser tabs open, discord, premiere pro and other adobe products open simultaneously, and I also want it to be able to record without lagging, and also play some games. I'm not a heavy game nerd, and I'm not planning on grinding on triple A games constantly, but if I ever decide to, I want my pc to run it like a champ. I want this PC to last me years and be future proof so I can swap out components without worrying about the details.

I have a lot to learn as well. I asked a few friends as well as 3 Microcenter pc builder staff to help me find my parts. My friends are ANTI - Nvidia due to prices and performance and much rather prefer AMD CPU than intel (and they also run on linux. Of course a lot of the programs I regularly use don't work well with linux so I was very skeptical.) The Microcenter PC builder staff suggested Intel CPUs like the i9 12900k but from my friends I heard that it's not very future proof and will be discontinued. However, microcenter did recommend to get the 3060 as it is better for adobe projects.

My budget is anywhere under $1200


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