Games and other applications randomly start stuttering after PC has been running for a bit

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Does anyone have a diagnosis / guess for this PC problem? Somewhat randomly, it seems my PC enters some weakened/corrupted state, where some applications function oddly.
Upon entering this state ->

-When playing certain games, every 5-10 seconds, the audio cuts out for a second or two and then comes back.
-League of Legends stutters on not only audio, but the whole game (graphics, controls, etc.)
-Music production software will have a higher incident of crackles/pops/clicks, which is indicative of some kind of performance degradation

When I check the task manager, all specs look with normal ranges - RAM, CPU usage, heat, etc. Restarting the computer seems to fix the issue temporarily (though sometime it doesn't help).

It's a prebuilt windows 11 desktop -

Thank you for any help!!


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