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I want to do machine learning, heard getting a GPU with 24gb is best for what i want to do ( Stable Diffusion etc.) what other components should I choose around the GPU.


  • magarity
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    Stable Diffusion runs on nVidia graphics cards. It takes complicated steps to run on AMD graphics cards and does not run on Intel cards at all. So nVidia is your best bet. But only their top end cards have 24GB and those are $1,800 and up for new ones. What's exactly your budget? If you don't have that much, well, honestly a lot of people on the internet can be extreme snobs with other people's money and insist only the most expensive will even function when the reality is that less expensive models can do OK. Can you toss out a $ amount budget limit for the whole system and mention if you need all the misc parts like a monitor.

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