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Extremely new to the world of custom PC's and parts. Had a ASUS ROG Gu502LU Laptop for 4 years, looking for something better.

This is where I'm at looking for GPU's, pretty much set with everything else on the build besides this. I can post build if necessary, please just ask. Have a decent budget but not extremely high, everything else in my build has been noted to be pretty good from friends that know more than me, but just want extra insight on this because it's a gray area for me. Hope someone can steer me in a better direction


  • Karl612
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    If you post your build and budget it makes things way easier and I might even be able to spot improvements you haven't considered.

    Anyways what GPU is best for you is largely going to be dictated by what resolution you are shooting for. At 1440p I wouldnt go with anything less than that 7700XT right now. I say that as a previous owner of a 3070 which I used for 1440p for a while. The 4060Ti is not a bad card though its just outclassed in performance and price by a significant degree. The Nvidia cards will have features like AI scaling and Raytracing focuses that can be beneficial in certain applications but the 7700XT has enough raw power to outperform it regardless.

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