Can someone help me with my new build?

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PLEASE HELP. I have a new build and it is MASSIVELY underperforming!!

  • Status: UNRESOLVED
  • Computer Type: Custom Built Desktop
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX 4080S, 16GB VRAM, no OC
  • CPU: Ryzen 7 7800x3d, AMD Adrenaline Auto-OC
  • Motherboard: B650 Gaming X AX, latest BIOS
  • RAM: G.SKILL 32gb(2x16) DDR5 XMP enabled, 6000mhz
  • PSU: ASUS TUF Gaming 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold
  • Operating System & Version: Microsoft Windows 11 Home 64-Bit
  • GPU Drivers: 555.85, clean install

Description of Problem: I am experiencing severe under-performance of both my CPU and GPU. I have AMD Adrenaline Auto-OC enabled for my CPU, and recently found that Windows Hardware Acceleration was causing severe issues with my CPU. Upon disabling, my UserBenchmark test for my CPU went from 28th percentile to around 50th percentile. Currently, my GPU is performing at anywhere between 1st - 10th percentile, and most benches I see posted are anywhere from 20-60FPS above mine, depending on the test. Even more than the FPS difference, my games do not feel smooth and latency free. I have Cinebench R23, UserBenchmark, MSI Afterburner, and AMD Adrenaline so I can give any info needed, such as FPS, scores, temps, etc.

Troubleshooting: I have tried a clean GPU driver install using DDU, overclocking, underclocking, auto-oc, enabling/disabling hardware acceleration, and disabling my second monitor.


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    Hi @GregTheEgg,

    Let's start of with a few simple tests, if your getting the same performance or something changes as we go, please let me know which steps their was a change:

    1. Let's try reseating the ram and verifying that they are installed in slots B1 and B2
    2. Try running the system with only ram stick installed. You may need to verify that EXPO is still running after this step.
    3. Let's check event viewer for any errors that may be coming from other devices such as USB errors.
    4. Let's verify on device manager there are no installation errors or missing hardware drivers.
    5. You may need to disable the iGPU in BIOS, this may be conflicting with your GPU.

    Let me know if this helps, I have a few more suggestions if these do not work.

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