Inland Dock Firmware Updater?


Q. Does Inland have a firmware updater for their docking stations… that runs on Windows 11?

I have an Inland docking station I bought as an open box. In the past week, it has started to cycle… at least cycles both external display connections.

  • Hmmm… I do not think the fans on my Kootek laptop stand stop for even a moment… like a dock power cycle might cause.
  • Hmmm… I do not think I'm losing connectivity to my external keyboard… typing while screens flash and consolidate onto laptop-only.
  • I do know… power cycling the dock often, not always, pauses the display cycling for hours.

Inland 592188 | DPLink Dock 3 Display w/ 100W Power Delivery

Laptop - HP Spectre x360 - 4k touch 2n1 w/ GPU and USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 ports running Win11 and DisplayLink 11.3.5139.0 - autoupdated to this just today… still cycled.

Monitor 2 - Samsung 32" 4k via HDMI | LU32R590CWNXZA

Monitor 3 - MSI 32" 1080p 165Hz via HDMI | MSI Optix AG321CQR (3DB4)

I've not tried…

  • Swapping the USB-C cable provided with the dock. Store return + unmarked cable = was it the original??? | I have a TB/USB-4.0 shorty.
  • Swapping either HDMI cable with a spare 3rd cable.
  • Swapping either HDMI cable for a DisplayPort cable. | I think this is where I started.
  • Ugh… laptop is actually Thunderbolt 3.0! I'd a bought a TB dock.

Q1. Does Inland have a firmware updater for their docking stations… that runs on Windows 11?

Q2. Of other troubleshooting steps, what would you prioritize / add?



  • PaulL
    PaulL admin
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    Hello Doug! I am very sorry to hear that your Inland docking station is not working properly. At this time we there is no firmware updater available for the dock. Any updates for such drivers would generally be available through Windows. Regarding troubleshooting, have you tried using this dock with another computer by chance? Do all devices work normally when plugged into the computer directly instead of through the dock?

  • DougH
    DougH ✭✭
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    Thanks for replying. I returned this dock last week… may have been why it was an open-box return to begin with. The Thunderbolt Dock I now have is working great. Take care.

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