10% off with Micro Center Insider Card not applied to total purchase with CPU/MB/RAM bundle


A relative had a request to replace a computer that recently stopped working and narrowed it down to the MB or CPU being the issue, since it was a Intel 9th gen, it was not worth looking for individual parts for a pre-built system to get it working.

So we decided to purchase mostly all new components with MC current promotion with the Micro Center Insider Credit Card (10% off total purchase when purchasing a CPU.

The main bundle we decided to get was the 7700x+MSI B650-P Pro WiFi+32GB DDR5 (643700 $259.99 / 507947 $189.99 / 661397 $119.99) and also picked up a 850w PSU and a 2TB NVME SSD. Everything was ordered/reserved through the website for pick up at our local store the day prior. Went to the store on 5/31/24.

Upon pick up, everything was fine, however upon processing the payment, I swiped my MC Insider Credit Card and was only prompted the choices for 5% or 24-months interest free. I mentioned this to the employee, but they said it may give the additional discount once the transaction completed. However, the receipt only shows 5% discount applied instead of 10%.

After receiving my receipt the store associate discussed a bit with others behind the counter and provided me with a business card of the front end supervisor. When I got home, I took screenshots (or saved as PDF) of the bundle pricing, promotions shown on front page of site, and also the promo link (details of the offer which expires 6/2/24 as indicated on the site). Then sent an email to the email address on the business card just in case as I wanted to track it immediately.

I figured this (the additional 5% discount) would apply when it shows up on my Wells Fargo account (MicroCenter Insider Credit Card), but just wanted to reach out here just in case I did not hear back or if the additional discount does not apply.

Just checked and it shows up as the charged amount with only 5% discount.

Any advice on how to proceed with this? Should I go back to the store?


  • rsm8
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    Same issue here. After checking out, I pointed out that only the 5% discount was applied on the receipt and the associate assured me that the remaining 5% discount would be applied later on the Wells Fargo billing statement. I just recently received my statement and no additional discount has been applied.

  • PaulL
    PaulL admin
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    Hello @TypeXD, I am very sorry for any confusion regarding this promotion! You should receive an email shortly requesting more information on this inquiry. @rsm8 I recommend emailing our support team at support@microcenter.zendesk.com so we can further assist you as well!

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