Question about Changing Components on a Custom PC Build


I had a custom PC built at my local Microcenter last week. It was the Tier 3 build with the 3 year Complete System and Accidental Damage Protection Plan. After doing extra research, I found out that the AIO cooler I picked out has a manufacturing flaw that often causes the pump to fail prematurely. I would like to know what my options are if I wanted to replace this AIO.

If I brought the PC back into microcenter, what would be the service charge to have the AIO cooler swapped out considering I am still within my refund period.? Also could the new AIO be added to the preexisting protection plan?

If I remove the AIO myself, exchange it, and replace it with a new one, from Microcenter will this void my protection plan? Could I still add the new AIO to my protection plan?

Finally, if instead I keep the AIO and it fails within the next 3 years, would the labor to install a new one be covered by the protection plan?

I live about an hour from the St Davids microcenter so I figured I'd ask on here first. Appreciate any insight you guys could offer,


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