Help with partial upgrade of old gaming pc for non-gaming use


I gave my old gaming PC to my father when I got a new one and he really loved it since it was so much faster then the usual store bought desktops. however since he was forced to upgrade to windows 11 the computer started having problems since windows 11 is designed for post 8th generation CPU chip-sets. in order to get a newer chip-set it will need a new motherboard so I was planning to upgrade the motherboard the CPU the ram and the cooling unit for the CPU. I plan to do the upgrade with him after I buy the parts through Micro Center

the original desktop is a Zalman z9 Neo case which is an atx case, an asus z170-p motherboard, an asus geforce gtx 1070 strix GPU, an intel i5-6600k 6m skylake CPU, and a rosewill hive-750w power supply. the ram and hard drive specs are not presently within easy reach but the ram will be replaced since it is ddr4 and near the end of its lifespan and the hard drives should still be fine one solid state the other hdd.

the new parts I am looking at are an asus z790-creator, an intel i9 12900k alder lake CPU, 32 GB (2x16) Gskill ripjaw RAM, and the ever reliable cooler master hyper 212 as the heat-sink for the CPU
my hope is that these upgrades should not only let the PC function well for now but leave room for future upgrades if necessary with less hassle. since this is only my second time trying something like this any advice or just concerns with my parts choices would be helpful , since my father doesn't game but does like to dabble in music and photo editing the graphics card while older should be enough for his use and can be upgraded later if needed. I tried linking to the part pages on the store website but I haven't been a member long enough to post links and I apologize for the inconvenience
thanks again for any input and if you need more info please let me know!

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