In-store pickup of products from an electronics distributor like DigiKey or Mouser

I think Micro Center should partner with a company like DigiKey or Mouser to offer in-store pickup of their selection of products. The use case vs purchasing from them directly is as follows: Let's say you have this DIY electronics project that you're working on. You put it together, test it, and realize that you forgot to purchase a $0.10-$4 component. It's difficult to justify spending $5-$13 to ship a ~$2 component, so you check if your local Micro Center carries it. If you're unlucky, it would be nice to combine orders with a friend in a similar situation and reduce the shipping cost. However, if you're like most maker nerds and don't have that many friends, let alone maker friends, that's where a Micro Center partnership with Mouser or DigiKey comes in. The idea is to combine orders for small and specialty electronic parts of multiple customers into one shipment. Then, the makers can pick them up at their convenience.


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