Suggestion: When searching for keyboards, add filter for wired vs. wireless keyboards


I'd like to be able to easily filter keyboard search results by ones that supported a wired connection, a wireless connection, and both wired and wireless connections.


  • tonytang

    Instead of posting separate discussion topics, I'd like to suggest that individual filters or categories be added for the following features in keyboards that are highlighted at the bottom of the Micro Center product page:

    Choosing the Best Keyboard for You

    Membrane vs. Mechanical

    Connectivity: Wired / Wireless

    Ergonomics: A huge variety of ergonomic features are available on keyboards, including wrist and palm rests, built in touchpads, and split angled keyboard designs that provide a typing angle some people find more comfortable.

    Modular Capability: Some users want the ability to swap different keycaps onto their mechanical keyboard’s switches, either because they prefer the feel of certain switch types or they want to customize the keyboard layout. If that sounds like you, check out the many models of modular keyboards available here.

    Backlighting: Backlit keys are a popular keyboard feature for anyone working or gaming in a low-light environment. Many people also enjoy the visual aesthetic of RGB backlighting that gaming keyboards often come equipped with.

  • PaulL
    PaulL admin
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    Thank you again for these suggestions!! We have included this information for our web team to look into!

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