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Hello fellow members! I am looking to build a pc in a week or 2 and i was wondering what parts i should get. tbh my budget rn is around 1500 - 2500! my color choices are black and red! Games i want to play are
Cyberpunk, Horizon and RDR2. I play fps games too. other then that i really like the idea of rog parts because they give stickers or accesesories! so if possible but not required rog parts would be AMAZING! and if spending maybe 200 - 300 more makes a big difference tell me and uhh this is my first pc so id like to use it for 2-3 years before needing a major upgrade. THANK YOU ^^

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  • Sagmire

    Hey man, just wanted to throw out there that buying rog just for the stickers/accessories isnt a good idea. Most parts come with some stickers or maybe a accessory. I would defiantly take advantage of microcenters 7800X3D bundle as you just cant beat it, add another pack of 32g sticks and your graphics card which I would suggest a 4080 super. Take what you have left and buy some good peripherals such as a nice monitor. If you would like a pcpartpicker list I can do that for you, if so just let me know if you would like to do AIO or stick with a normal aircooler.

  • noob_pc

    hey Sagmire please do make a list for me TvT and if you can make it so where its very upgradeable for the future, it can handle games well but also like 1500 - 2000 ish if you need to increase budget thats okay too! AIO please! and uhh thank you! it doesnt have to be crazy powerful just bit better then the required specs for the games listed above! Thank you!

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