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EVGA x58 Upgrade

Hi Micro Center. I am considering upgrading my platform from an old x58 EVGA, i7 920 - Would AMD or Intel be the best bet right now? Its been awhile...


  • Greetings Pam. That's a little tricky to answer as it really depends on what you plan on using the system for. For strictly gaming, the Core i9 9900K/KS still takes the crown, but the new Ryzen 3000 series offers a really great value for overall performance and multi-tasking. If you plan on gaming and streaming at the same time, I would have to recommend Ryzen just for the serious core/thread advantage. The platform features are nice as well with the addition of PCIe 4.0.

    I will say, the old EVGA X58 boards were my favorite to ever exist, especially the SR2. One of the most over-engineered board I've ever seen.

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