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New build - Micro Center build

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Been building gaming level PC's for almost 20 years. Did most of my ordering from e-tailors. I was very happy to ALL of my shopping at my local Micro center for this build. Great selection of hardware, and peripherals. Had a great time shopping for the parts, and an even better time putting it all together.

Intel i7 9700k
Gigabyte Aorus Ultra 390x
Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super
Corsair Vengeance RGB (32 GB)
Corsair H100i RGB platinum
Corsair RM 850x
Corsair 570x crystal
Corsair K95 RGB platinum
Corsair Nightsword RGB
Corsair MM200 pad


  • @Happaflapp
    Good afternoon and welcome to the Micro Center Community! I'm happy to hear you were able to get all of your parts for this PC Build through Micro Center. It looks like it's made for an amazing setup! Thank you for sharing this awesome system and have fun gaming!
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